ITMA 2015: High interest in Fong’s THEN SUPRATEC LTM

An exceptional interest was noticed on the MIlan exhibiton in the THEN SUPRATEC LTM machine on display in Hall 10 at Stand E101.

This flexible machine uses water technology as a dyeing medium, explained R&D manager Johannes Schmitz. The new German-based technology is said to offer maximum quality and efficiency plus lower maintenance and labour costs.

The THEN SUPRATEC can handle fabrics ranging from heavyweight to sensitive. It is a hydraulic long tube dyeing machine with a variable liquor ratio from short in the semi dry mode to long in the wet mode.

It works without a winch and can dye knitted and woven fabrics in natural, man-made or blends.

The variable angle of the kier as well as the machine’s high flexibility in terms of liquor ratio means potentially substantial savings in additives, water and energy, according to the company.

Knots and tangles are prevented by the plaiting system, another innovation in long tube dyeing machines. This is especially important when dealing with delicate fabrics. Its speed is 80 to 600m/minute, depending on fabric type, admitting rope lengths up to impressive 1000 m each.

The machine’s body length is 600 cm with a capacity of 150kg. The liquor ratio is 1:5.5 to 1:15, depending on the kier’s variable angle.

Low tension is due to low lifting height between the nozzle and plaited fabric. There are up to three jets per tube up to 1000m each and up to four tubes with coupling.