Stork Prints introduces new NovaScreen® type for textile printing

Stork Prints introduces a new NovaScreen® type to the international textile printing world. NovaScreen® features the top end of Stork Prints’ textile screens collection. This screen is an established brand and delivers the best printability and printing definition.
The new NovaScreen® combines the benefits of the existing NovaScreen® 165 (mesh) and NovaScreen® 195 (mesh). NovaScreen® 165 is known for its large open area (19%); whereas NovaScreen® 195 offers a very high printing resolution. This unique combination allows printers who prefer NovaScreen® 165 for the voluminous paste supply purposes, to work with the new high resolution NovaScreen® 195-19%.
The new screen has a number of benefits:
• the highest printing resolution combined with the highest screen volume;
• improved surface printing;
• benefits in geometrical printing.
NovaScreen® 195-19% is therefore a valuable addition to the NovaScreen collection.

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