From time to time a simple idea leads to a revolution. An idea that nobody ever thought about before. The THEN SUPRATEC LTM has plenty of these ideas. And it will surely put new standards also to your performance. Irrespective of your existing or future products.


Dry mode or wet mode: According to the angle of the machine the liquor ratio may vary from 1 : 4 to 1 : 20. Just according to the requirements of the individual fabric. Inside, up to three different lines make sure that even lightest qualities run smoothly and efficiently.


THEN, the inventor of the AIRFLOW technology, has yet started another revolution. Even with the technique of a hydraulic machine it is possible to safe substantial water and energy. The variable lifting and intelligent fabric transport system moves the fabric even without water.


Right first time: The defined plaiting system prevents entanglements and the programmable angle adjustment ensures the highest standard of reproducibility. The result is not only a better overall performance, but also a higher quality standard.




Number of lines    
1 Tube 1 to 3
2 Tubes 2 to 6
3 Tubes 3 to 9
4 Tubes 4 to 12
Installed Power (kW)    
  1 Nozzle: 2 Nozzles: 3 Nozzles:
1 Tube 15 22 29
2 Tubes 26 41 55
3 Tubes 38 61 82
4 Tubes 51 81 109
Dimensions S Type Coupling (mm)    
  Height: Lenght: Width:
1 Tube 3200 8000 2800
2 Tubes 3200 8000 4350
3 Tubes 3200 8000 5850
4 Tubes 3200 8000 7350



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