SPGPrints Austria-Screen engraving

SPGPrints is renowned as the leading partner for digital engraving. 

In addition to an exceptional screen and conventional engraving program, SPGPrints is also recognized as the leading partner for digital engraving. The company’s laser engraving systems have been a feature of the textile industry for over 25 years, offering a faster, more efficient, high quality, and eco-friendly approach to imaging.

This single-step ‘laser’ process is a purely digital means of printing form imaging: simply engrave your desired design and rinse. It eliminates costly products like film and time-consuming processes such as exposure, washing and drying.


SPGPrints lasers for rotary screen textile printing:

bestLEN 541x / ecoLEN 531x


SPGPrints exposer for rotary screen textile printing:



All our direct laser engraving systems are developed and thoroughly tested - to meet your highest demands – at our laser specialist SPGPrints Austria.

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