Rubber and plastics industry,Ensure reliable lubrication – avoid residue formation


In rubber and plastic production processes, high pressure and temperatures cause considerable stress on your machines and components. Your installations are required to run reliably for a large number of production cycles.

After applying our lubricants to your friction points you will spend less time on maintenance leaving you more for production. 

Whether you're dealing with extrusion, injection moulding, the manufacture of film or tyres - you need the right lubricant for all the different kinds of processes in rubber and plastic production. This is why we offer a range of lubrication solutions that is as diverse as your requirements.

Film stretching - watch out for residues

When applied to the chain system of a film stretching TDO, lubricants have to resist the high pressure between sliding pads and rails under high temperature. Oil residues in these applications is a problem as they increase friction; the removal of varnish accumulations always comes at the expense of valuable production time. We have developed a series of high-performance oils with an exceptionally low tendency to form residues, resulting in increased production availability. Any minor residues that may have formed can be dissolved and flushed out by a speciality lubricant such as Klübersynth CZ 2-85; this can be done without stopping production.

Extrusion and injection moulding - stresses from pressure and temperature

In extrusion and injection moulding processes, high temperatures and pressures lead to rapid wear on unprotected drive components and bearings. Our product range encompasses speciality lubricants that keep abrasion low and enable long component life even at high temperatures. Among other things, this helps protect gear tooth flanks and ejector pins so that they can operate reliably over a longer time.

Tyre production without frequent relubrication

In tyre production, the mechanical components of the tyre segments in the container should slide against one another without relubrication throughout all vulcanization cycles. For these applications, we can offer you special greases with high thermal resistance providing reliable lubrication throughout the production cycle.


We have combined our knowledge and expertise with those of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies in the Lube&Seal Programe, which has led to highly effective solutions for radial shaft seals (RSS). For details on Lube&Seal, please click here.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Speciality lubricants with minimum residue formation
  • Reliable wear protection also at high temperatures
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance effort
  • Longer component life

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