Railways,Speciality lubricants for enhanced reliability

In the rail industry, lubricants play a major role in ensuring reliable operation of vehicles and infrastructure. We develop high-performance lubricants from the basis of our long-standing cooperation with manufacturers and operators contributing to the smooth functioning of your components.

Trouble-free operation of trains and infrastructure is essential to keep to schedule. The failure of just one important component or railway points due to the weather conditions, vibrations or shock loads can cause considerable disruption to train traffic and loss of revenue.

Tried and tested on our own testing rigs

Being committed to meeting our customers' requirements, we developed a series of high-performance lubricants, which we put through their paces in our extensive test house. For example, we designed a gear oil which you can use at high temperatures and down to minus 60 °C. We constantly improve our speciality lubricants to increase the reserve capacities of our lubricants, e.g. for traction motor bearings, reducing life cycle costs. Every new lubricant for points is thoroughly tested on our own dedicated test rigs to determine its suitability in the field. It is essential to use lubricants which maintain their product characteristics no matter the ambient conditions and ensure low forces when changing points to avoid over-stressing the components.

As environmental protection is important to all of us, many of our newly developed lubricants are rapidly biodegradable. With such products you will be able to meet the growing requirements imposed on your trains and installations to avoid for example ground-water contamination.

Our high-performance lubricants provide you with vital benefits which enhance your performance: extended relubrication and maintenance intervals, longer service life of components, more reliable railway services and reduction of operating costs compared with conventional products. Therefore, many renowned manufacturers trust our lubricants and use them as initial equipment in their rail vehicles.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable operation of rail vehicles and infrastructure
  • Reduced costs due to extended relubrication intervals and reduced wear
  • Rapidly biodegradable lubricants
  • Improved profitability due to reduced life cycle costs

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