Automotive industry, Reliable vehicle lifetime lubrication

As a manufacturer of vehicles and components you trust that the lubricants you use meet the requirements you and your customers have - such as lasting temperature resistance, noise damping or excellent friction values for the full lifetime of the vehicle.

We offer you a large variety of lubricants you can rely on, many of them with approvals from our international group customers. 

With approximately 250 friction points in a car, which all have different tribological requirements, we offer you solutions that are suited to your needs: Some of them are products that have been successfully used for many years; others are specially developed lubricants tested thoroughly on rigs adjusted to your specific requirements.

Body & Exterior

Lubricants for body and exterior areas must be highly effective over the specified temperatures and withstand salt, water and dust for many years. Our lubricants are resistant to many media and temperatures and ensure smooth operation of sun roofs, window mechanisms, etc. for their entire lifetime.


Noise damping and high-quality look and feel are in focus when it comes to the interior, where regulators and knobs must move smoothly. Our speciality lubricants designed for these requirements are thoroughly tested for low torque and friction. They have a neutral smell and do not fog.


Besides the brakes, steering systems have the highest lubrication requirements in the chassis. We developed lubricants together with well-known steering system manufacturers that ensure a safe driving sensation through low breakaway torque and excellent friction values.


Lubricants for motors, gears and drive shafts are subject to a wide variety of requirements. Near the engine, temperatures can reach more than 200 °C, while aggressive degradation products accumulate in the intakes and exhaust systems. We help you overcome these challenges, for example with high-temperature and blow-by resistant speciality lubricants.

Development partner and competent consultant

We are in constant dialogue with manufacturers and suppliers and understand their particular requirements, supporting them as consultants and development partners. We also participate in many working groups and committees, which enables us to contribute to decision-making and development processes for lubricants for the automotive industry at an early stage. Our certifications include ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS, ensuring that you buy tested quality.

Find out more about our speciality lubricants for the automotive industry via our contact page.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Broad product portfolio with many approvals and references from the automotive industry
  • Development of speciality lubricants for individual applications
  • Reliable and competent partner for lifetime lubrication
  • A lubricant test house that is unrivalled worldwide