GOLLER CADENA-Mercerising compartment

Mercerising compartment

Impregnation with

  • Dipping impregnation in the first section of the compartment
  • Lye in every nip
  • Circulation of the lye approx. 12-20 times per hour
  • Heating system in the collection tank or cooling in circulation
  • Regulated cascade drive for tension  regulation
  • High-efficiency squeezer with approx. 80% residual humidity
  • Horizontal pin or clip chain
  • Stabilising on chain
  • Weak lye shower on fabric between chain
  • Vacuum bars width adjustable between the chain

Stabilising compartment

  • the lye shower in counter-current
  • Counter-current between post-washing and stabilising compartment
  • Washing off the lye after the vacuum bars
  • Cascade drive to be regulated for tension control

After the stabilizing compartment we add EFFEKTA comartments (woven) or Sintensa comartments for knit goods

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