Scouring means a chemical washing process on cotton fibers or fabric to remove natural wax and impurities (added during the growing process) from the fibres. Scouring can be done continuous and discontinious. The cotton to be trated is boiled in an alkali, which destroys the fat content and creates soap.

In most cases NaOH is used as alkali and if the machine allowes it it’s done under pressure with reduced amount of oxygen to reduce the oxidation of the cellulose wich would cause a los of fiber strength.

On woven goods a combination of Scouring and desizing is often used – therefore a combination of special combined prduct is used.

The next step in the process line is the bleaching step, sometimes all three are done in one step.

Bleaching means destroying the natural colour of the cotton fiber by using oxidative (H2O2 or other peroxides or oxidative Cl- chemicals) or reductive chemistry followed by a wash of and a neutralisation.

Depending on the fabric parameters and your expected production speed we will setup a production line which fulfils your needs.

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