Type of Fibres
Cotton, cotton/man-made fibre blends  
Type of Fabrics
Woven and knitted, from medium to very heavy weight fabrics  

360 to 400 kg/tube
Up to 2400 kg/batch
For the pretreatment, dyeing and after-treatment of towel, high pile fabric, heavy curtain and decorative fabric for both home and automobile industry  
General Description and Main Features

JumboTowel is designed for the pre-treatment, dyeing and after-treatment of high pile terry and towel. The circulation system is chosen for an overflow and gentle treatment of the heavy fabric.  
It is a high temperature Towel dyeing machine which can be totally sealed up for the application of vat dye.
Nozzle is sized for smooth passing through by the fabric and extensive exchange with the dyeing liquid.  
An automatic filter is recommended to ensure the running of the machine throughout the whole process.  
Suitable Nozzle size can be selected according to the characteristics of fabric.  

Designed for large quantities production with increased efficiency
Large nozzle for smooth running of fabric
Optimum lifting height and therefore lower tension on fabric
Piles are retained in its proper shape after treatment  
Min. liquor raito to run the machine as low as 1:5

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